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Sweatshirt cool pink

Sweatshirt cool pink

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Indulge in the soothing allure of Cool Pink – a mesmerizing blend of purples with a hint of playful pink, perfect for snuggling up in style.

Elevate your child's comfort game with our Oversized Bliss Sweatshirt, crafted from combed organic cotton. This isn't just a sweatshirt; it's a cocoon of coziness that your little one will adore. The oversized design adds a touch of trendiness to their wardrobe, making it a go-to choice for both comfort and cool.

And here's the fun part – why not create a stylish twinning moment? Picture this: your child and their baby sibling rocking the same color sweatshirt jacket. It's not just a fashion statement; it's a celebration of sibling style. Watch as they light up in matching hues, creating adorable memories that last a lifetime.

Material: 100% organic cotton with GOTS certificate

Care: To keep the magic alive, we suggest washing the sweatshirt inside out at a gentle 30 degrees. For that extra touch of care, skip the tumble dryer – air-drying is the way to go. And if a wrinkle or two appears, no worries! A medium-temperature iron is all you need to keep the Cool Pink perfection intact.

Each pair is lovingly handmade in the Czech Republic, adding a touch of craftsmanship to your little one's wardrobe. Because the best things are made by hand, especially for those we love the most.

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