Handling instructions

Thank you for choosing minimal•animal!

These garments are meticulously crafted in the heart of the Czech Republic, designed to be delightful companions for the playful adventures of children.

For optimal care, we recommend washing them in lukewarm water, ideally around 30 or 40 degrees. Although the fabric manufacturer advises against using a dryer, our experiments at Minimal Animal have shown that employing the "gentle dry" mode doesn't harm the fabric; instead, it results in a softer finish.

Please note that the initial wash may lead to a 5-7% shrinkage (3-5% for ribbed fabrics). This is a normal characteristic of the fabric, so we encourage you to consider this before making your purchase. In the case of fleece sweatshirts and sweatpants, the raised portions may experience some shrinkage during the first wash.

To maintain a pristine look, the handling and material display labels are sewn in a different color. A quick pass of a steam iron over the thread will cleanly remove them.

If, for any reason, the size you receive is different from your order, don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@minimalanimal.shop. We're here to promptly assist with exchanges, returns, or refunds. Your satisfaction is our priority.