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Baby sweatshirt olive

Baby sweatshirt olive

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Experience the cozy embrace of this baby sweatshirt's warmth, sans the need for fur. Crafted from a delightfully smooth material, it ensures a snug fit with no irregularities or protruding linings. Adorned with ribbed sleeves, neckline, and hem, its design effortlessly combines style with comfort. This sweatshirt is not just an outfit; it's an invitation to effortless wear.

When it comes to care, treat it gently with love. Opt for a warm bath of around 30 degrees when washing, steering clear of harsh tumble drying or bleach. Ironing is a breeze at medium heat. Just a heads-up, like any good sweatshirt, expect a subtle 5% shrinkage during its inaugural wash. It's a small price for the joy of this cozy companion. Your understanding means the world to us, and we hope this garment brings as much joy to you as it did to us creating it.

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