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Baby sweatpants black

Baby sweatpants black

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Indulge your little one in the luxurious softness of these baby sweatpants, where comfort meets minimalistic charm. Crafted from brushed material on the inside, these pants provide an exquisite tactile experience. The stylish allure is heightened by large front pockets and a chic rolled-up hem. Adjust the waist effortlessly with the elastic and string, ensuring the perfect fit. In classic black and ecru hues, they effortlessly blend style and versatility.

Not just a fashion statement, these sweatpants proudly wear the badge of 100% Organic Textile Global Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is as soft as the fabric itself.

When it's laundry day, pamper these sweatpants with warm water around 30 degrees. Say no to tumble drying and bleach, opting instead for a gentle ironing session on medium heat. As with any quality fabric, anticipate a subtle 5-7% shrinkage during the first wash—a small compromise for the indulgence they offer. Your understanding is our joy.

Each pair is lovingly handmade in the Czech Republic, adding a touch of craftsmanship to your little one's wardrobe. Because the best things are made by hand, especially for those we love the most.

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