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Baby sweatshirt chocolate waffle

Baby sweatshirt chocolate waffle

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Imagine the sweetness of a chocolate waffle; that's what our minimalist baby sweatshirt feels like. Crafted from a cozy cotton waffle fabric, it's the perfect companion for the breezy seasons of spring and fall. The thoughtful design, featuring elastic ribbing around the neck, ensures effortless wear—a touch of simplicity that makes all the difference.

Pure cotton bliss, this sweatshirt promises not just comfort but a delightful experience for your little one. When it's time to care for this piece of sweetness, opt for a warm wash at around 40 degrees. Keep it away from the tumble dryer and bleach, and a medium-heat ironing session is all it needs. Like any regular sweatshirt fabric, there might be a gentle 5% shrinkage during the first wash—a small detail to keep in mind, ensuring a perfect fit for your little bundle of joy.

Your understanding means the world to us, and we can't wait for this sweet addition to bring warmth and style to your baby's wardrobe. Here's to delightful days ahead!

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